Baltic Fleet Celebrates 316th Anniversary! Historic Russian Navy in Process of Full Modernization!

This year marks the 316th anniversary of the Baltic Fleet, the country's oldest. Now, it includes hundreds of ships, naval aviation, and is capable of being effective on the water, in the air, and on land.

Marina Naumova has details on how the sailors are spending their professional holiday.


The newest corvettes of the Baltic Fleet are at sea, and at sea during the holiday. According to the exercises' scenario, a submarine and a group of surface ships of an opposing force were found in Russia's territorial waters. At the same time, they took the bearings of an aerial target in the sky.

- Air target detected, bearing 116, range 33.5 miles.

- Roger that, launching the target tracking.

The aircraft has been located and it's being tracked. The automatic system instantly classifies it and transmits data to the commander of the combat unit to make a decision on the use of air defense weapons.

Alexey Orlov, Chief Radar Engineer: "It used to be analog, now it's all digital. The system can do practically all of the work automatically. The operator here merely adjusts it".

During the exercise, the modern stealth corvettes tried out simulated firing operations. But thanks to the Uran missile system, the corvettes of this series can simultaneously hit several high-speed ships operating independently or as part of convoys and landing units. NATO reconnaissance ships were closely following the modern Russian corvettes. During the exercise, they regularly escorted them, often approaching as close as possible.

Dmitry Yatsenko, radar operator: "The ships come dangerously close and wait for our reaction. There were vessels that escorted us quite often, for instance, the German Orion, as well as Swedish, Polish, and Lithuanian ships".

The modern Baltic fleet consists of dozens of ships, as well as naval aviation, coastal assault units, and air defense units. Its capabilities extend far beyond short-range sea-voyage assault operations.

This year, the ships of the Baltic Fleet will go on long cruises — to areas in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. The Baltic Fleet research vessel Admiral Vladimirsky will go on an oceanographic around-the-world expedition. The training ship Perekop will navigate around Eurasia.

Marina Naumova, Evgeniy Bekesh, Alexander Naumov, Pavel Timofeev, Saturday VESTI, Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Oblast.


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