Default on the IMF Debt! "President" Kolomoisky Has a Bold New Financial Plan For Ukraine!

Oligarch Kolomoisky has come up with his own scenario for Ukraine. He suggested to default on all loans, timing his proposal right before Zelensky's meeting with an IMF delegation. It's unclear if Ukraine's economy will crack the way the Kiev crystal bridge did. While the administration of the new president is looking for a new residence, his party Servant of the People came up with an appropriate image: a mace-armed cyclist.

Alexey Petrov with the details.


Ukraine is on the verge of an economic abyss. In his interview with the Financial Times, oligarch Kolomoisky urged Zelensky to default. The businessman made it clear that the US and the EU were only using Ukraine to harm Russia.

"We should treat our creditors the way Greece does. That’s an example for Ukraine. If Zelensky listens to the West and doesn’t make his own decisions he’ll end up like Poroshenko. He’ll have the same poll numbers, 5, 10, or 15% instead of 73%".

After his controversial statements, Ukraine's been guessing how much hryvna will cost.

Vadim Rabinovich, Opposition Platform: "I believe that the hryvna will be over 200, that society will be impoverished. After that, we'll begin rising from rock bottom. But who will survive rock bottom? You've already buried us 6 feet under".

It all happened shortly before Zelensky's meeting with an IMF mission. The fans of Zelensky's acting have probably rewatched that Servant of the People episode where a similar meeting ends in a demarche.

- Shale gas extraction.

- We don't have it.

- You do now.

- But that will kill our land, our agriculture.

- It must be decreased by 50%.

- If you need time to think that's understandable…

- No. It's all clear to me.

This time it's not a movie but a personal exam for Zelensky. Another test of the people's president's ability to make difficult decisions was today's prison riot in Odessa. Almost 500 prisoners were trying to capture an administration building. They took hostages and set it on fire.

"Corrupt! The prison is corrupt! You have to pay for everything!"

The fight against corruption was the trump card of the new president on the eve of the parliamentary race that's basically begun. We already know that Zelensky's aide Razumkov headed the Servant of the People party. They've already chosen their logo: a cyclist waving the symbol of presidential power.

Dmitry Razumkov, Servant of the People Chairman: "When parties get in the parliament they often don't deliver on the promises to their voters. I really hope that we'll break the current trend".

Zelensky has a public conflict with the withdrawing Rada. The new president encouraged senators not to use the parliament to promote their persona. Special emphasis was put on the degradation of Rada's legitimacy. These words visibly hurt the speaker.

Andrey Parubiy, former Verkhovnaya Rada Speaker: "Unfortunately, the president doesn't yet feel the responsibility and doesn't realize that he's not acting; he's the head of a large European state".

On May 30, the Rada is going to consider the resignation of PM Groysman and his Cabinet. Polls suggest that Zelensky's party is winning by a large margin. The opposition is sure that Zelensky won't get a pocket parliament.

Viktor Medvedchuk, Opposition Platform: "The sooner we elect a new parliament, the better for our state. We'll get a body that'll form a new government. We'll get a body that will control the executive branch and the president himself".

Former President Poroshenko basically joined the parliamentary race. The Day of the City is a good reason to appear in public. After meeting with the citizens, Poroshenko attended the opening of a new crystal bridge. The Klitschko brothers personally proved that the structure is reliable. However, soon the glass of the transparent floor was cracked. The dangerous spot was closed off.

Vitaly Klitschko, Kiev's Mayor: "If somebody can identify the vandals that destroy what we build, then we can arrange a bounty. Each resident of Kiev will be able to guard the facilities that we put into service".

The destruction of the bridge proved to be an ill omen for Poroshenko. Today, a fourth criminal case was initiated against him. The initiatives of the former president haven't been successful either, including the implementation of his controversial language law. A major Ukrainian paper Today announced that the Ukrainian issue isn't profitable. The paper has to print it at its own expense.

Alexey Petrov, Anna Kolk, and Alexander Shevchuk Vesti.


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