Struggle For Power in Ukraine Far From Over! Rada Refuses to Fire Corrupt Poroshenko Bureaucrats!

Now let's move on to Ukraine. Today, Verkhovna Rada once again showed to President Zelensky that they have no intention of sharing power with him. MPs refused to fire three Pyotr Poroshenko's appointees, including the foreign and the defense ministers. However, MPs themselves were also under pressure today. Nationalists made fire and threw smoke bombs under their windows. Next to Poroshenko's house, radicals burned car tires.

Anton Lyadov is reporting on who's going to fight the fire as politicians are mired in mutual finger-pointing.


Burning missiles in front of the Verkhovna Rada, burning tires in front of the gates of Poroshenko's estate. Thugs threw smoke bombs into Poroshenko’s courtyard, hanging the banner "Marauder’s House." Shortly before that, a journalist investigation had been made public claiming that Poroshenko's close setting is embroiled in major fraud in the defense industry. He tries to maintain military rhetoric even after leaving the presidency. Today, he responded to the news about an attempt by a new group on the Minsk talks, summoned by President Zelensky, to cease fire in the Donbas.

Pyotr Poroshenko, Ukraine's President in 2014-2019: "Capitulation has nothing to do with peace".

The Speaker of the Rada Parubiy, who is a member of Poroshenko's new party, said he was eager to wreck the process.

Andrey Parubiy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada: "Banning shooting back doesn't lead to peace, but to capitulation. We won't have Ukraine capitulate to the Russian aggression. I am confident that the Ukrainian president should reconsider his position and respect the Ukrainian military".

It is highly questionable if we can take seriously Zelensky's words about the cease-fire, given that today tank exercises of the Ukrainian army began in the Donbas. The footage showing tanks disappearing over the horizon is accompanied by the newscaster's kudos to highly skilled Ukrainian militarymen.

"The military exercises held in the east of Ukraine. Commanders and crews had to constantly conduct reconnaissance, make quick decisions and react to changes in the situation".

Another piece of news, which is apparently to illustrate the peaceful aspirations of the new government, came from the US senator whom Zelensky asked for new weapons.

Robert Portman, the US Republican Senator: "He spoke frankly about the courage of his troops, as well as their needs for weapons systems and improved conditions for service".

Today, it turned out that Leonid Kuchma, whom Zelensky returned to the Minsk negotiations, hadn't proposed lifting the economic blockade, which was previously stated by the OSCE representative to the contact group Martin Sajdik. Kuchma believes that there is no blockade.

Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine's president in 1994-2005: "There is no economic blockade. Take a look at the National Security and Defense Council decision and Poroshenko's decree. It's about a temporary ban on the transfer of goods across the boundary line, not a blockade. They can carry 50 kilos".

Viktor Medvedchuk, who took part in the Minsk talks before Zelensky dismissed him, will continue the struggle for peace in Ukraine. He said that today at the Opposition Platform — for Life party congress.

Viktor Medvedchuk, Opposition Platform — for Life: "The peace plan approved by our party has been hailed by Donetsk, Lugansk, and Moscow. It's up to Kiev to decide. Although, we haven't heard its decision yet either from Poroshenko, who wasn't interested in peace in the Donbas, or from Mr. Zelensky".

The party list was headed by people's deputy Yuriy Boyko. According to him, the Opposition Platform will fight to abolish the law on the language, the law on de-communization, and the renaming of the church.

The actions of the new President Zelensky are actually blocked by the Verkhovna Rada. When somebody takes the floor, MPs tell each other funny stories and take pictures. Today, they refused to vote for the resignation of SBU head Gritsak, Minister of Defense Poltorak and Foreign Minister Klimkin.

Anton Lyadov, Anna Kolk for Vesti.


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