Feminist US Court Makes Exception! Puts Russian Woman in Prison For "Abducting" Her Own Children!

The American court sentenced a Russian, who is charged with abducting her own children and taking them outside of the U.S., to seven years of imprisonment. In addition, the woman was found guilty of extortion.

Bogdana Osipova, a 38-year-old Russian and U.S. citizen, took her elder daughter from the U.S. to Russia without the approval of her spouse, an American, five years ago. They were in the middle of a divorce then. Osipova was pregnant with her second child. The court found that this incident was an abduction. Demanding alimony from her ex-husband was found to be extortion. At the same time, the judge didn't take the woman's statement that her husband beat her into consideration.


In addition to imprisonment, a fine of over $18,000 was imposed on Osipova. This is over one million rubles.


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