Gazpromneft Flexes at St. Petersburg Economic Forum - Shows Off Stunning Digital Canvas!

Not only the city is full of cultural events. The forum itself can also surprise. Gazpromneft presented an installation right in one of the exposition's pavilions. It's impossible to just pass by Gazpromneft's stand. It's an art in itself. Oil industry workers demonstrated a huge digital canvas where algorithms create numerous patterns. Billions of smart particles depict the most complex physical phenomena.

Thus, the walls of the art stand turn into liquid metal or multicolored spikes all of a sudden. 17 engineers and artists from Russia, England, Germany, Finland worked to create the installation. The authors call it loud and bold. Most surprisingly, the project is created with the help of the same technology that helps to search for oil.


Alexander Dybal, Gazpromneft Board Member: "Not long ago, we developed the so-called "digital oil" for the first time. In fact, it was the result of the work of neural networks, AI to search for oil in the places where it can't be found using ordinary methods of geological survey. But this project is a project of pure art, of course. In essence, it's true contemporary digital art. The artist was given a pretty abstract task — to show and conceptualize the process of transformation, using the artistic language".


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