A Symbolic Gift! Xi Jinping Presents Moscow Zoo With Two Extremely Prized Adult Panda Bears!

And now, back to the agenda of the Russian-Chinese top-level talks. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have just arrived at the capital zoo. A major significant event that will strengthen the bond between our nations is going to take place there today. China is giving Russia two adult pandas, which are considered China's national symbol.

We have our reporter Polina Yermolayev with us live.


- Greetings, Polina. Why is this part of the Russian visit of the Chinese leader is so important?

- Good evening, Ernest.

The Moscow zoo has fallen silent. But a couple of minutes ago, it was extremely noisy around the panda enclosure. And here's the reason for all this hype, the handsome fluffy Zhui. The way he's blissfully eating his dinner bamboo signifies that he's got used to living at the Moscow zoo and feels at home here.

About 15 minutes ago, Zhui and his female neighbor Din Din had guests of the highest tier, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leader of China Xi Jinping. The negotiations to give the pandas to Moscow lasted for as much as three years. It's a kind of panda-diplomacy that only good friends can practice on special occasions. These Chinese bears are indeed not a mere symbol. They're extremely vulnerable and are guarded by the state. The pandas will live at the Moscow zoo for 15 years.

However, there's one fine point, right now, the 2-year-old female Din Din and the 3-year-old male Zhui are separated by a thick concrete wall. They're too young to meet. But they'll surely have a date in a couple of years. However, there's a rule that all heirs will be given to China.

Speaking of the ration, the pandas are offered eighth types of bamboo and two types of bamboo sprouts. The food is delivered once a week by a special plane all the way from China because pandas eat 560 kilograms of bamboo per week.

Zhui and Din Din will get plenty of love and attention at the Moscow zoo. The staff was specifically trained to handle pandas and how to hug them. The pure excitement of the observers is a guaranteed thing. Today, we saw Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping surrounded by kids watching the pandas. Those were the first visitors of the new enclosure, the new Chinese enclosure that's just opened. I'd like to quote the impressions of the young visitors, they literally said that "they are really cool." I believe that applies to both pandas and leaders of the two states.

That's the news from the Moscow zoo for today. Meanwhile, Zhui continues eating his meal ignoring everyone around him.

- Thank you, Polina. Our reporter Polina Yermolayeva was with us live from the Moscow zoo.


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