Zakharova: Enemy of My Enemy! China and Russia Now Close Allies Because of US Aggression!

Maria Zakharova, Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The trend is obvious. What is happening now to the relationship between Russia and China scared the West a lot. They're getting cramps. They're scared to death. They don't know what to do, how to stop it. They'll do everything now. There'll be concerts by the leading Western stars, who used to say that Russia is falling behind democratic development and that they shouldn't go there. There'll be offers, forums, meetings with business, and everything else. But they're a bit late. Our Western partners will have to do a lot to deserve that attention, not only to deserve attention but to recover trust. After all, no business, money, or politics will go to a place where they were betrayed and betrayed not just one time. It'll be difficult to deserve it.


- I agree with you. I was surprised. I didn't expect the Chinese to go that far because when they made the joint statement, the positions on Venezuela, Syria, Iran coincided completely. The positions on nuclear weapons, disarmament, and deterrence treaties all coincided. Against this background, revelations of the "architects" of the Venezuelan revolution were especially amusing. To be exact, we don't know what it is. They said that they don't know what to do. There are 40 people, all of them willing to become Maduro's successors. It's impossible to agree with them. The Americans even stopped concealing that they've fully immersed themselves there. They don't intervene in other countries' affairs that one can't see there anyone except for Americans. It's kindergarten-style. If you close your eyes, nobody can see you. They can see you so far. At the same time, they're dissatisfied with us. Mrs. Zakharova, why are the Americans dissatisfied with us?

- It's their approach. They began shooting with both hands. And the thesis, which the predecessors of the current administration followed in America, Washington, to my mind. They have a great expression: "the stick and the carrot". There's an analogue in Russian. There's a stick and a carrot in English, and there's a whip and gingerbread in Russian. This expression seems outdated. They don't consider it necessary to encourage anybody to do anything or commend anybody. They just think that they can eat those carrots and gingerbread themselves, which they're doing now, and only use the stick or the whip. We see what it leads to. Everything that American diplomacy tackles now leads to terrible results. Why? I reiterate that it's because diplomacy was invented as a way to solve issues. What they're doing now is simply unprecedented. It's from the old slave days, you know. Back then, neither gingerbread nor carrots were necessary, indeed. They needed just to manage slaves, then. But now, even given the fact that they don't recognize democracy in international relations, they recognize democracy only in nation-states. Nevertheless, the world gave up the colonies and the slave-owning system. There's no single policeman of the world. They thought that there'll be a policeman who'll maintain law and order and protect law-obedient citizens from those violating the law. But now, it turns out that the policeman of the world didn't perform his role. He looks more like a flatfoot.

- With whom else are they also dissatisfied with, besides us?

- There's a whole list. We proposed, by the way, it isn't my job and the foreign ministry's, of course, to keep a list. But this is interesting. Why not start keeping a list? What and from whom does the U.S. expect? It doesn't even expect, it begins with the words, "You should." We drew a few examples. Germany, for example, should give up the Nord Stream. Venezuela should give up its legitimate government, give away all the money, gold and currency reserves, everything on its accounts, simply give it up. It should bring the people that were pointed at and educated in the U.S. to power. Who else and what should be done for them? In the Middle East, they should do everything for the U.S. The Gulf states, the Middle East should buy American weapons. They should follow the advice on how they should live in their relations with each other from the U.S. Not how to build relations with Washington in the way suitable for the U.S but with each other, in the region of the Persian Gulf, Middle East, and North Africa. They should build their relations in a way that the U.S. dictates to them. China should regulate tariffs in a way suitable for the U.S., open its market to American goods, and raise duties on Chinese goods, and the production of what the entire world is full of, apparently with their own hands. We won't even list what Russia should do because it seems that Russia should do everything. Every day, it should do everything the U.S. needs at the moment even despite the fact that sometimes, there are opposing things. But the whole world and every country should have American servicemen in their territory, they can be called NATO servicemen, it doesn't matter. But they should have them in the amount and at the place which is advantageous for Washington. This is a brief description of what Washington wants. By the way, it fits in the policy of the absence of some stimuli as encouragement. What are they for when it can simply make a list of debtors, and it can make it in a straightforward manner without any additional wording, show it to the world, then take a stick or a whip and act?


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