Russian Pundits All Agree - West On the Decline; Will Lose War With Russia-China If They Try!

Karen Shakhnazarov, famous director: Well, contemporary politics is so chaotic, so erratic, especially since the internet appeared. I wonder what it would've been like if there had been internet during the Napoleonic era. "Marshal Ney tweeted..." "General Bagration posted something on Facebook." "Marshal Murat..." It would've been a mess.

- And not a poorly-written one.


- Right, back then…

- The King of Naples and Joachim Murat tweeted...

- In this chaos…

- What Trump posts is... politics looks…

- May I finish, please?

- You came up with a brilliant image, Mr. Shakhnazarov. It's so rich and beautiful.

- Thank you. Politics seems like a chaotic place where everything is resolved through some declarations and addresses. But it still retains its internal essence, which can't really be comprehended by a human mind, I believe. I also think that it's only relatively controlled by the leaders. They still perform some sort of a mission, which is sometimes, or rather always, enforced upon them. Those who believe in God think he's behind that; those who trust philosophers like Marx or Huntington believe in their theories. But in fact, there's a certain reason behind that. I believe that today, it's perfectly reasonable... Sergey rebuked me for believing that the West is in its twilight years right now. That's right, it's not that I don't like the West. It's not that I have some economic or historical parallels to compare it to. It's just that I've lived for 67 years and I know that it's the way the human body works which means that any body, be it a country or a civilization. They live, develop, and rise, but at some point, they die. That's the way life works and there's nothing we can do about it. The West has been at the top for at least the past 300 years. It's time for them to go. And that inevitably forces them to pick a fight with the East. And they did, represented by the United States, the leader of the West. By the way, I don't believe it'll be possible to drag Europe away from the US. It'll hesitate, various countries will attempt to do something. But it'll still feel that this battle decides the fate of power, the world, and first and foremost, the personal security and welfare of the Western people. There's nothing we can do about it.

On the one hand, we have a feeling they do a lot of stupid things. Indeed, China's never been ready to become the world's number one. It's not part of the Chinese tradition. It was clear that China didn't want that, it was pushing it away. China has an enormous liberal community. It's bigger than ours. Moreover, it supports the West. For the last several decades, the entire young elite was getting educated in the West. They joined the West, they're much more integrated there. Yet still, look at what's happening. China is being blatantly shoved in Russia's embrace like Russia is, which also has pro-West elites, which even has pro-West patriots. They're the reason why we have this internal fear that China will conquer us, that we can't deal with China, that they steal our forests, when in reality, thieving Russian officials are the ones selling it abroad, you see? China has never attacked Russia, never waged a war against Russia, never advanced to the north. It's Russia that didn't act too nice towards China. We conquered Beijing once. We conquered Beijing and did a lot of other mean things. But still, that's inevitable. Look at this alliance. You may not remember but I once asked Mr. Putin a question. Few remember that but I do because that was an honor. That was his Direct Line about three years ago; I asked him if he thought that China and Russia were moving towards an alliance. He told me no, that it's impossible and that we were just partners. But look, it's inevitable. It's inevitable not because Mr. Putin wants that. I don't want what he wants but I fully agree with his policies. It's not because Xi Jinping might want that. It's inevitable. Trump does what he does because it's inevitable. Losing world dominance means losing everything for the US. They realize that there's no other way. The fight is inevitable. It'll be a brutal fight with great losses from both sides because the fight for world dominance has always been accompanied by clashes like this one.

Will it grow into an armed confrontation? I'm sorry to tell you this but it might. It might because I believe that the United States will lose this battle. That's just inevitable at this point, I think they'll lose. But I believe that in this case, they'll be willing to do whatever it takes to win. That's why they might use nuclear weapons. Let's not have illusions here; it's a war. We've lived long enough without war after WWII. What was the idea behind Napoleon's campaign against Russia? He wanted to conquer the East. It's the general urge of Europe. Take Columbus for instance, he wasn't initially sailing to America. He was sailing to India. Western Europe is cursed to long the East. The Russian campaign was an eastward campaign. Hitler's campaign was another eastward campaign. The moment is right, everything's ready for a new campaign. The conflict is long overdue and it's inevitable. In this regard, today's events are extremely important for world history because China's finally mature enough to pick up the gauntlet. I believe, sorry, I'm almost done, is going to win. I don't believe in a multipolar world. Life can't be multipolar. There's only one winner in life. I expect China to win.

Alliances aren't formed suddenly. Alliances are formed when they are inevitable. In 1937, nobody would've guessed that Britain and the USSR would be allies. They were sworn enemies, mind you. During the Winter War, Britain proposed to bomb the Soviet Union. Who would've guessed that in two years... But life forced them to do that, you see. That's why I say: Never say never when talking about politics. It's impossible to predict. It entirely depends on the future situation in a battle that's 100% inevitable. Regarding the United States still being able to pack a punch, you know, from this point of view, Ancient Rome shouldn't have perished. We'd be traveling there to buy some nice clothes in Cistercia. But that's not how life works. Back then, Ancient Rome used to own everything: finance, military superiority. What did the Germanic barbarians have? Nothing, they had nothing. They were using the Roman currency, by the way. That's a fact. And yet, that didn't save Rome. Empires crumble not because of economics or politics. They die like organisms. You may have a lot of money and ten assault rifles in your room but once you grow old you're done. It's the same thing here. That's why I agree that perhaps China was expecting 15 years but the Americans won't give it 15 years. They're smart, they realize that they don't have so much time. They don't have much time, that's why they're in a hurry. That's why the entire strategy Obama and the Democrats came up with that pursues this goal is useless. Trump and the American elite have realized the most important thing. In 10-15 years, they won't need anything. China will own everything and there won't be any way to stop it. The battle is inevitable and it's going to happen now. They're in a hurry, that's pretty obvious.

But I believe America has missed its chance to win. As a matter of fact, it should've acted sooner. In this case, they could've stifled Russia. They should've finished Russia off in the 90s. Luckily, they didn't do that. They could've dealt with China back then. But no man is wise at all times. Humans assume but God is the one making things happen. Thank God for that. I really hope there won't be a war. I'm not some crazy nuclear war enthusiast. I just analyze the situation. Life works this way, mind you.

We count every day, sure that by 2050 humanity, sorry for my unparliamentary language, will be toast due to climate change and so on, everybody knows that. But look, people still fight each other and constantly have arguments. There's no hope that humanity will finally unite and finally tackle at least some issues crucial for its survival. But that's life. It's not my idea, life's the same as it used to be during the Sumerian era. We simply analyze the situation. I suppose that in this situation, that war is inevitable. Russia and China will also inevitably get closer, it's already happened. We may end up forming an alliance, that's entirely possible, we can even have a military alliance. It depends on the future situation but I believe that the battle is inevitable.

I'd say there's another aspect to that. Russia used to be a 100% Eastern country before Peter the Great. It focused on the East. It focused on the East. Yes, there was some cooperation with the West. But if you read the Moscow Domostroi, go read it, we used to be an Eastern land. Peter destroyed that by turning us to the West.

- Wasn't it Alexey Romanov?

- No, that was Peter, I believe. These trends were present in our society but Peter made a resolute turn to the West because he felt that the West had power. In this sense, he was right because the West was rising. The opposite process is going on right now, I believe. That's why Russia is turning to the East because the power is there; the sun rises in the east, Sergey. One of my movies is called Zero City and there was this line…

- A brilliant movie.

- Thank you. It was one of Stalin's quotes: "The dawn is soon, the sun's about to rise. This Sun will be shining for us." I believe we're running of air time.

- I thank our viewers and guests, see you next time. I'm Vladimir Solovyov.


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