Journalist Ivan Golunov Set Free! Police Attempts to Frame Him For Drugs Absolutely Amateur Tier!

- 60 Minutes Live, the most very, very, very essential news. And the most essential news for today is great: Journalist Ivan Golunov is free. All charges have been dropped, the prosecution and criminal proceedings against the reporter have been withdrawn.

An hour and a half ago, our colleague was brought to the central investigation department and made aware that he's no longer under house arrest. No bracelets or tracking devices anymore. The announcement of his complete innocence was made an hour and a half ago by Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The police have no proof that he violated the law, that he either possessed or distributed drugs. Golunov never touched those drugs. He never did drugs. He never distributed them. It's still unclear who planted the drugs on the journalist, who staged this provocation. We have no doubt that we'll find that out. That's what common sense tells us to do and that's what justice is supposed to and will look like.


- It's no less important than the release of Ivan Golunov himself. Kolokoltsev said that internal investigation materials have been submitted to the Investigation Committee. All of the officers who took part in the arrest of the journalist were suspended. Head of Internal Affairs Division for Western Okrug of Moscow Major-General Puchkov is going to be fired, along with Major-General Devyatkin, the head of the Control Division for Narcotics Trade, Moscow Branch. Judging by the tone and unambiguity of Kolokoltsev's statement, it's only the beginning. Today, Matviyenko also took a clear stance on Golunov's case. She's right to say that the worst thing about this incident is that the police has lost our trust. All those behind the provocation against the journalist must be found and severely punished. Every single one.

Let's hear Kolokoltsev.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Internal Affairs: “The results of biological, criminal, fingerprinting, and genetic testing have led to a decision to cease the criminal prosecution of Ivan Golunov and clear him of all charges due to a lack of evidence that he took part in committing a crime. Today, he will be freed from house arrest. The materials for an internal investigation will be transferred from the internal security division to the Investigative Committee for the purpose of evaluating the validity of the actions taken by the police officers, who arrested this citizen. They will be temporarily released from their duties during the course of the investigation.

I have made the decision to petition the President of the Russian Federation to release from their duties the head of the Moscow Internal Affairs Division for Western Okrug of Moscow General Puchkov and the head of the Division for Control of the Narcotics Trade within the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry, Moscow Branch, General Devyatkin. I believe that, regardless of their professional affiliation, the rights of any citizen must always be protected."

- That's important. Mr. Zhirinovsky is applauding for Kolokoltsev. That's what justice looks like.


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