Putin Doesn’t Understand! Why Is US Destroying World Trade System With Sanctions

Trade wars are always destructive to the world economy. In his interview to Mir TV channel, Vladimir Putin assessed the situation provoked by the economic struggle between China and the USA. The President talked to the journalists in the lead-up to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek. The Russian leader stressed that it was essential that common sense prevailed after all.


Vladimir Putin: "Indeed, our relations with China are unprecedentedly good and high. We are strategic partners. Unfortunately, it can't be said about our relations with the United States, they are degrading, becoming increasingly worse. I guess, over the past years, the current administration has adopted dozens of bills imposing sanctions on Russia. Naturally, it goes without saying that, in such conditions, we put a premium on our strategic partner. We strongly believe that actions that are destructive to the modern structure of the international economic relations, which shaped decades ago, damage all the actors of the economic relations. Thus, we hope that common sense will eventually prevail. Hopefully, at the upcoming G20 summit, we'll have a chance to negotiate with all our partners, including the United States, to come up with constructive solutions that will create stable conditions for economic cooperation".


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