Kremlin Celebrates Russia Day With Putin Hosting Grand Open Reception on Ivanovskaya Square!

Today is a rare day when the Kremlin's reception isn't held in one of the old halls but in the open air. Politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, religious and public figures — people of different views and ethnic groups — gathered on Ivanovskaya Square on Russia Day. They're united in their desire to make Russia even better.

Denis Davydov has the details.


On Russia Day, the main toast is appropriate. In the Kremlin, they raised their glasses for the welfare of citizens, for a prosperous country.

Vladimir Putin: "This is the best, most darling place on Earth. There's no place that we love as much as our Motherland. Such an attitude to our country is natural and understandable for every Russian. It comes from the depths of our Russian souls and is embedded in the cultural, genetic code".

On Ivanovskaya Square in the Kremlin, there are scientists and artists, politicians and businessmen. Everyone here has his own wish for Russia.

Anton Siluanov, First Deputy Prime Minister: "Since I'm responsible for economics, of course, I want higher rates of economic growth, more investments, more jobs so that our people live better".

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the LDPR party: "We're one big family. There are 150 million. And in the future, there'll be 160-170. And I wish to unite the entire Russian world".

Sergey Neverov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma: "I wish for us to have a peaceful sky over our heads. And, of course, we should discuss it with other countries and together we should secure that peace".

Russia Day is one of the youngest public holidays. 29 years ago on this day, the declaration on sovereignty was adopted.

Leo Bokeriya, member of the RAS: "15 years ago, when we talked about the formation of a healthy lifestyle, they laughed at us. Today, the vast majority of people think about their health. Medicine is developing well".

Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party: "A whole constellation of prominent scientists received state awards. I would also like to add to this a number of young, talented people who are solving these tasks".

Karen Shakhnazarov, film director: "Once again, you see how many truly talented and creative people live in the country. And I think we should create all of the conditions for such talents to grow".

It was raining, but the guests seemed not to notice the bad weather. Just like the country: it lives and develops despite the biggest pressure from outside. The President on this public holiday devoted his entire speech to domestic politics.

Vladimir Putin: "To increase living standards, the well-being of citizens is our main and common task and goal. We should work to achieve it with full dedication and achieve such results so that every citizen of Russia could feel them. It's our duty and responsibility to the people and the country, to our great Russia, which we love with all our hearts. I offer a toast to free, strong, prosperous Russia, to the well-being of her citizens. I congratulate you on Russia Day!"

Denis Davydov, Pavel Kostrikov, Irina Vinogradova, Daria Inozemtseva for Vesti from the Kremlin.


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