Russian War Hawks Speak Out! Now Is The Time to Stand Up To America’s Paper Tiger Army!

Semyon Bagdasarov, head of the Middle East and Central Asia Studies Center: The truth is that the US is the common nuisance. And forced friendship is cynical and insolent. The Chinese leader is in the hot seat: he can't not go, but if he goes, it will look like capitulation. At the same time, we see the cowardice of the United States, let's put it this way. What was the outcome of several conflicts around North Korea? The will to meet with the North Korean leader. And around Venezuela? The same. The US didn't choose escalation. Nor has it taken on Iran. The US is flexing muscles that we haven't seen. Nowadays, no country with its allies wants to mire in a full-scale war for various reasons. For North Korea, it's insufficient nuclear weapons, the possibility of a civil war. For Iran it's different, as well as for Venezuela. They don't dare unleash a war.


Thus, today, it's the age of hybrid wars. And the United States is waging one against us. Firstly, it's economic sanctions, economic war, obviously. Secondly, it's information warfare. The statement by the NATO Secretary General is more than strange. It blames us for destabilization in the Middle East and North Africa, as if it was we who ousted Gaddafi and bombed Libya! As if it was we, not the US-led NATO countries that conducted the notorious operation in Iraq, etc. So, the information war. Thirdly, it's backing pro-West movements in Russia. Meaning both blatant activists, changing platforms like socks, and Western-minded officials who keep urging to make friends with it. So, this is the age of hybrid wars, and we must be prepared.

- Okay, I get this. Is there a chance to come up with another form of international agreement?

- No, I think that…

- So, war is looming?

- I mean war as a retaliatory act. It's not necessarily a nuclear war, although that's still possible. Suppose hostilities were unleashed against Iran. I wondered once how they could destroy launch silos? They don't have super powerful bombs, only minor nuclear warheads. This can happen. The thing is that the US authorities won't decide on such a war, they're cowards, they have a good living. Trump is a wealthy, well-fixed man. He doesn't want a war. The problem is that these conflicts always involve…

- So, we're doomed to war?

- Yes, war will continue in one form or another until someone's aircraft is shot down. Then, the question will arise: "What to do?" A head of state will face a dilemma: if he doesn't take any measures, his rating will plummet as he looks like a coward. Or he can take steps and make things even worse. So, God forbid, this is what to expect. What I want to say is that it's time to get real. We must worry about our own security. To worry about the world, hold conferences, make technological breakthroughs is very good, of course, and we need it.

But, to date, we're facing the reality. We must care about our own security, primarily, at the Russian boundary. This is our priority. We see NATO and the USA gain momentum in Ukraine, the Baltic states, and what do we do? If we don't show our teeth and give them a hit now, they'll continue to put pressure on us.

- So, to avoid a war, we should start it as soon as possible?

- No, and it's not a laughing matter. The examples of North Korea, Venezuela and especially Iran, showed that they always back-pedal when faced with force. Pompeo is considering direct, unconditional talks with Iran! What are you talking about?! Mr.Stankevich, don't push your stupid conference here!

- I haven't even mentioned it yet!

- Thus, we should show our worth. Besides, what is the major direction? Of course, Ukraine. We mustn't let the American feel free-and-easy next to us! We should set realistic goals and allocate important resources. We can't rival the United States economically. But we can teach its satellite Ukraine who's in charge! That's what we must do! If tomorrow we make a number of Ukrainian regions leave Ukraine to accede to us, it will be our success, which will enhance our security. And what happens in the world... Well, if the Americans want to unleash a war against Iran, we should clap for that, because it distracts a threat from us, let them fight!


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