Skynet is Almost Upon Us! St. Petersburg Hosts New AI Technology During Economic Forum!

It's Vesti on Saturday.

Artificial intelligence, a trendy thing unclear to the majority of people. Will computers not only process information but also come up with something new? For example, here's an incredible artificial intelligence art exhibition. On the first day of the Economic Forum, it was opened, think about it, at the Hermitage. The same Kirill Dmitriev and his RDIF helped to organize the exhibition. Earlier, his fund signed a mega-deal with China; this time, it attracted Saudi Arabia.

- Hello, Kirill.


Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF: Hello, Sergey.

- I'm confused. That's either something blasphemous or something so advanced I can't comprehend it.

- We find it very curious. For instance, there, we have a presentation of all existing buildings being analyzed by a computer, which is now showing the buildings that could've been built.

- My first question. I've met Sarkozy on the sidelines here. That's a familiar face. But Saudi Arabia and China... Aren't you scared of dealing with them?

- You know, they invest a lot with us. Investors present at this exhibition possess the cumulative capital of fifteen trillion dollars. They're going to meet with the president. It's important to establish trust. For example, Saudi Arabia didn't really have any visual art. We have two artists from Saudi Arabia here. It shows that they also participate in the process. That's why building bridges is extremely important.

- Aren't you afraid that some AI will make us its puppets?

- And put in a museum?

- Right.

- Well, you know, this exhibition addresses these concerns. What are the limits of artificial intelligence? Because there definitely must be some limits and we must realize that. The exhibition doesn't give us all the answers but raises interesting questions.

- You can see that I'm feeling tense? I'm not usually like that, I'm terrified.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, Sergey.

However, it all looks odd so far. The man we asked to comment on that is the one who provided the platform, director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky.

- Don't you find it terrifying?

Mikhail Piotrovsky, director of Hermitage: I don't, we even made an exhibition of it.

- I was there and got a little spooked. It may develop so much that it'll make us into exhibits.

- On the contrary, I believe that's our only chance. AI will be there anyway. It must be humanized. And that must be done through culture. Culture is a special feature of humanity. Machines must be humanized through human interaction to realize that two by two isn't always four, but more often five.

- Your phone's an example of that.


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