Poland Gives Trump a Wonderful Birthday Gift! Billions of Dollars in Jet and LNG Purchases!

On Friday, June 14th, Donald Trump celebrated his 73rd birthday.

A couple of days before the family celebration, his most devoted fan from Europe, President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, came to see him. He literally brought presents just to Trump's liking.


Poland will buy 32 F-35 combat planes worth about $3 billion. Poland will also buy American liquefied gas worth about $8 billion. Also, presidents Trump and Duda agreed to deploy a squadron of American reconnaissance drones and an additional 1,000 US troops in Poland. Besides, Poland undertakes to prepare all the necessary infrastructure to accommodate soldiers and the equipment on its own and at its own expense.

Poland is known to annually receive about 20 billion euros of subsidies from EU funds. Thus, it can be said that Duda's presents to Trump were paid by the EU.

Both Duda and Trump are OK with that. Even the American media mock Duda. Journalists dubbed the Polish president "Trump's ego massage therapist." Besides, last fall, Duda proposed calling a US base in Poland "Fort Trump".


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