Kiselev: Sloppy Job! No One in Europe or the World Buys US False Flag Narrative Anymore!

On Thursday, two oil tankers, Norwegian and Japanese, suffered from a blast in the Gulf of Oman on the waterway just between Iran and Oman. The Americans immediately accused Iran of a torpedo attack.

The blasts happened to be precise: neither of the tankers drowned. Iran immediately claimed it was a provocation and denied all the accusations. The Americans increased the degree of horror: on Friday, Trump himself accused Iran. An unclear video was presented as proof. It features unidentified people in an unidentified boat in the darkness doing something at a tall board of an unidentified vessel. It's also unknown when it was filmed: it may as well have happened ten years ago. And it's unclear who was shooting with what kind of device. It might be staged. Meanwhile, the U.S. Central Command stated that it was footage of Iranian soldiers removing an unexploded mine off the board of the victim tanker to cover their tracks. It's not clear why Iranian soldiers would take the mine away. Anyone could have put it there. Should Iranians take away everyone's mines from every tanker? Anyway, what proves that it's Iranians in the footage? It's nonsense, but so far, it's been America's strongest argument against Iran.


Of course, the situation was discussed in detail in Bishkek on the sidelines of the SCO summit during the bilateral meeting of Russian and Iranian presidents, Putin and Rouhani. The day before this meeting, Russia's MFA represented by Deputy Minister Ryabkov warned everyone against a snap judgment that can only pour oil on flames.

"I'd like to use this opportunity to warn everyone against making a snap judgment and attempting to place responsibility on those disliked, so to say, by a number of states we all know well".

However, the UK was ready to "oink along" the USA. They said it was Iran indeed. Germany, on the contrary, subtly doubted the proof by the United States.

Heiko Maas, German MFA: "The video is not enough. Of course, we can make out what's in it but I don't find it enough to draw definite conclusions"

France voiced approximately the same opinion, so did High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs Mogherini. It has become clear that, if the U.S. attacks Iran, Europe will consider it an act of aggression. Europe, as well as the USA's continental allies in NATO, clearly don't want any of this. However, it arouses concern. It's obvious the sabotage in the Gulf of Oman presents a classic case of a provocation to instigate war.

Recently, we discussed Trump sending an armada of seven warships led by the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to the region. Recently, another destroyer, Mason, carrying Tomahawks, has set off there as well. So, the region is literally stuffed with American Tomahawks. Americans have their finger on the trigger. They only lacked an excuse for starting the war. Now, they have an excuse made up. It's a dangerous situation.


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